Advance Hub Needle 27G x 13mm (1/2″) HPC-27013I (1 Box of 320 Needles)



Dermal fillers present a challenge to needles, due to their extra small particles and high viscous properties, which can cause standard needles to become clogged, making the injection process difficult and time-consuming.

Ultra Thin Wall Technology

TSK have overcome this by designing a needle specifically for administering dermal fillers. With its ULTRA thin wall (UTW), the control hub needle has an increased diameter by up to 24% for 27G needles and up to 17% for the thinner gauge 30G needles.

Overall, there is 37% less force required to administer the gel from the syringe into the needle, giving a controlled injection that is smoother and more precise.

The Difference Between PRC and HPC Needles

HPC Advance Hub needles have a wider geometry and shorter length than PRC needles, which enables a more successful and controlled flow rate through the needle. With its in-built exterior treading, there is an extra tight connection lock.

Hard Polymer Hub

Made of a powerfully strong polymer, the Control Hub needle will not flex when subjected to high pressures. As a result, there is no risk of product leakage or the needle been detached, so the treatment process can run smoothly.

It is extremely compatible with all brand syringes due to its clever wide internal geometry.


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