Beta Scaffold Mask


Beta Scaffold Mask is a simple sheet type of serum mask pack offering your skin direct nutrition, and its high quality mask sheet will adhere to your face very well. Compare to other products, you can feel the difference immediately and see the result after applying the pack only once. Also, it is possible to go out without washing your face after applying the pack. Beta-glucan is a safe and potent nutritional supplement. It prevents skin aging from immune dysfunction, and helps overall dermatological health and would healing due to its anti-inflammatory feature. Beta-glucan protects from UV rays and harmful environments, and its special characteristic will cool your skin and keep your tired skin bright.

Benefits of Beta Scaffold Mask

β-glucan is a safe and potent nutritional supplement

β-glucan is generally recognised as safe (category GRAS)

β-glucan is has no known toxicity or side effects

β-1,3-glucan is a primary immune activator

Effects of Beta Scaffold Mask

1. Moisturizing & Cooling

2. Burn Marks/Scars Treatment

3. Proliferation of Fibroblast

4. Proliferation of Keratinocyte

5. Collagen Synthesis of Fibroblast

6. Healing of Sun-damaged Skin

7. Whitening

8. Wrinkle Reformation


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