CLH-Advance 3 Strong (2x1ml) (2x1ml)


Product of Italy.

A new crosslinked product for the treatment of facial imperfections.

This product may only be administered by a physician in order to achieve the treatment. The doctor makes some micro-injections with the product in the areas to be treated after thoroughly cleansing and disinfecting the skin.Treatment is well tolerated and generally does not hurt at all.

Do not try to administer this product alone or by a person who is not a medical specialist.

Hyaluronic acid (AH) is one of the fundamental components of connective tissues in humans and other mammals. It gives the skin resistance and the ability to maintain its shape. In fact, a deficiency of AH produces a weakening of the skin, which favors the formation of wrinkles and spots. Its concentration in tissues tends to decrease with age due to the presence of certain enzymes, hyaluronidase, which catalyzes the degradation of the AH chain.

AH is used in cosmetics for its ability to combine a large number of water molecules. Hyaluronic acid crosslinked as a filler material based on the innovative idea of using linear Hyaluronic Acid (AH) and crosslinking it with specific cross-linking agents and then purifying it, using its particular resistance to enzymatic attack of hyaluronidase, thereby producing a greater persistence in dermal tissue, effectively covering wrinkles and skin defects for longer.

The CLH-Advance product acts by increasing the volume of dermo-epidermal tissue based on the natural ability of the hydrophilic molecules of hyaluronic acid to bind to a much larger amount of water than their weight. This allows the filling of the intradermal spaces and integrates the intercellular matrix, conferring firmness to the tissues. Crosslinking of hyaluronic acid makes filling more stable and more durable over time.

AH used for this purpose is of biotechnological origin and is crosslinked.


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