Dr Pen Ultima N2


Professional micro-needling device that you can safely use at home
Needle length is easily adjusted by turning the adjustment rick clockwise (lengthen) or counterclockwise (shorten).
User manual is included
5 speed control
Adapter and wireless mode, the device is equipped with a chargeable lithium ion battery
EASY to use!
Comes with 2 needle cartridges (12 needles each)

Benefits of micro-needling:
Triggers increased collagen and elastin production by creating micro trauma to the skin
Fills in the small lines and reduce large wrinkles as a result of skin remodeling
Reduces the creepy skin appearance on decollete, arms, knees, elbows
Improves skin tone and lifting of the chin line
Breaks down scar tissue such as acne scars
Fades off stretch marks
Reduces dark eye circles resulting from re-building thicker skin under the eyes which will hide the dark blood vessels
Stimulates hair growth by increasing the blood flow to the skin on the head
Enhances the penetration of therapeutic skin care products by making tiny holes in the dermis (applying skincare products on top of the skin is almost useless as they don’t go through the skin seal)
Reduces pore size

Dr. Pen – Micro-needling – Mesoporation, with replaceable needle head (12 needles), adjustable needle length from 0.2 to 2.5 mm and 5 speed steps.

By using this needle treatment, new collagen can be produced and the ageing process is delayed. Products can be absorbed better.

Skin improvement is usually visible after only a few applications. After cleaning the skin (alcohol) and disinfecting the needle head (alcohol 70%), the application can begin. (See the instructions).

Each person needs to use their own needle head. Do not use if your suffer from couperosis, open wounds, acute herpes simplex, injured skin, inflamed acne and diluent ingestion.

Do not use on the body with spider and varicose veins.


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