HYDRA Roller Hydra needle stamp (20 needles) 0.50mm


As we know, when rolling a traditional Derma Roller on skin, people needs to apply the essence/serum with the other hand which is not convenient & low-efficiency. Modern women who are interested in skin care but busy, high cost burden depending on times of skin care, now try to feel the skin improvement effect of HydraRoller as it can really help them to receive an aesthetic management at home.

The advantage of HydraRoller :

-Convenient &efficient

-Smooth rollingsystem

-Controllableflow by pressing strength

-Absorption, Moisturizing, Renewing, Shrinking pore

AcneScar, crow’s feet. Lifting…

MicroNeedling Therapy

Microneedlinginduces skin collagen regeneration naturally through physical stimulation andenhance the absorption of effective ingredients through micro-holes of skin.


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