Jalor Intense (1x1ml)


Jalor Intense is a sterile, transparent viscoelastic gel, made up of hyaluronic acid. A revolutionary bio revitalising filler, which has a peculiarity that makes it unique in its kind of hyaluronic acid fillers. This feature – an added value – is born from innovative production methods that have made it possible for its particular structure: this dermal filler, applied, spreads into the interstitial spaces of the dermis while retaining its remarkable cohesive and volumetric characteristics.

Whats in the box?
1ml prefilled sterile syringe.
23mg/ml hyaluronic acid

What are the benefits?

Hyaluronic acid, acting at the level of the intercellular matrix, regulates the hydration and elasticity of the skin
Crosslinking allows for longer duration of hyaluronic acid after infiltration into the dermis , even for 6-8 months, preventing its rapid degradation by the enzyme Ialuronidase;
Greater plasticity and capillary diffusion of the product, allowing the aesthetic doctor to apply it to act with greater tranquillity, avoiding leaving marks below the treated wrinkle.


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