Juves Figurha Eyelights (1×1.25ml)


The eye area is fairly challenging to treat due to its sensitivity, since the skin is very thin and translucent, with many blood vessels. With the aging process several changes occur such as: the appearance of dark circles and fine lines, deepening of tear troughs, creating of minimal palpebral or malar bags, dehydration of the skin around the eyes, which loses its tone and brightness.
Therefore, we have created a unique and special product designed for treating the sensitive eyes area- FigurHA Eyelights, which minimizes the risk of edema without Tyndall effect and provides long lasting results. The product is recommended for filling the eye circles and tear troughs, correction of superficial lines, fine to moderate wrinkles, palpebromalar groove and around palpebral and malar bags. It also improves the skin`s hydration, elasticity and brightness, being excellent as a skin booster.
Treatment areas:
– dark circles
– tear troughs
– palpebromalar groove
Molecule size is 100-300 μm. It is to be injected into the superficial and mid dermis, supra-periosteum with 27G or 30G needles / cannula.

It is presented in a luxury designed box with 1 graduated syringe of 1.25 ml.


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