Mediscreen SPF85 (50ml)


Mediscreen SPF 85 cream from the brand Medic Control Peel has a high degree of skin protection against all types of ultraviolet radiation. Modern physical and chemical solar filters included in the cream provide maximum SPP 85 photoprotection on the COLIPA scale. It has an antioxidant and regenerating effect.

Active ingredients:
Complex chemical sunscreens.
Wheat proteins – soften and remove the peeling, moisturize and restore the hydrobalance of the skin.
Tocopherol acetate (Vitamin E) is a powerful antioxidant: it breaks the chains of free radical formation (free radicals are oxygen molecules that have lost their electrons and tend to take electrons from other molecules, triggering the process of converting these molecules into the same “vampires”); slows down the aging process, has anti-inflammatory effect, actively heals skin damage. It refreshes the skin, restores its water balance, protects against the harmful effects of UV rays and acts as a natural preservative.
Titanium dioxide – refers to inorganic UV filters. Such UV filters do not cause allergies and do not irritate the skin. Unlike chemical sunscreen compounds that absorb ultraviolet rays, they do not have an allergenic effect on the skin, since they reject rays more than absorb them. Suitable for sensitive skin. It has a water-retaining, photoprotective, easy whitening and corrective action.
Aluminum oxide – used as a thickener, abrasive, prevents sticking of the product (for example, shadows or blush), absorbent, inorganic UV filter.
Soybean proteins – prevents the processes of premature wilting of the skin, stimulates cell metabolism, restores the protective and moisture-holding properties of the skin, has an intensive regenerating property.
Urea – reduces the amount of moisture lost through the epidermis (upper skin layer). Urea has good hygroscopic properties, so it easily absorbs moisture and retains it, which allows to reduce skin dehydration. Urea is an effective moisturizer that binds skin cells to moisture, improves skin conditions caused by dryness, such as eczema and psoriasis, for example.Urea helps cells regenerate and renew, maintaining the skin’s protective barrier and inhibiting external stimuli. Urea can help other ingredients soak faster. Urea can speed wound healing and improve skin barrier function.

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