Melaspeel J2 40000838


Melaspeel J2 from Jessne´s solution formula using a hydroalcoholic base with a combination mixture of hydroxy acids (lactic, citric, and salicylic acids).

The pH of all the peels in this line of products varies between pH2.0 and 2.5.

What does Melaspeel J2 contain?
25% 4n-butyresorcinol
10% Lactic acid
8% Salicylic acid
5% Citric acid

What are the benefits of using Melaspeel J2?
Treat severe cystic acne
Treat lentigo and melasma
Erase acne scars

What are the directions for use?

The method of use for all products in this family range is by coat application. After the first coat, wait 3 minutes for penetration and drying to occur before applying the second coat. Always assess the amount of erythema and presence of whitening signs. Once all the coats have been completed, a slightly acidic pH cream has to be applied to seal the treatment (such as Acglicolic classic – cream gel forte o Retises CT yellow peel).

How many coats? Begin with 2 coats, slowly increasing the number of applications. To increase the depth of penetration, increase the pressure of application. For dark skin, only 2 coats of solutions with resorcinol should be applied to prevent risk of inflammation.

Fitzpatrick´s skin types I and II tolerate 5-6 coats of the solution.


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