Mesaltera Vitamin Concentrate (200ml)


Active vitamin concentrate for a quick revitalization of the skin, used in programs for the correction of age-related changes, hyperpigmentation, with dry, dehydrated skin with a dull complexion. Contains a complex of VC-IP (stabilized form of vitamin C), has a pronounced anti-aging, brightening and antioxidant effect. Lanablue ®complex, another name – “blue retinol”, stimulates the synthesis of young collagen and elastin. The patented Prodew400 complex, based on 8 amino acids necessary for the skin, has a pronounced regenerating and moisturizing effect. Concentrate with instant action, gives the skin a radiance and a youthful look.

Active ingredients:
Patented complexes VC-IP, Lanablue, Prodew ® 400, vitamin E.

Mode of application:
As an active concentrate in skin care procedures for moisturizing and restoring skin. Massage 2 ml of the concentrate until completely absorbed. Remove residuals with MESALTERA by Mikhaylova lotion Sensi Plus.
In protocols with hardware techniques (microcurrent therapy, electroporation, ultraphonophoresis).

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