Peptidyal HX (2×2.5ml)


Peptidyal HX® boasts the currently available highest concentration of Hyaluronic Acid (18mg/ml), combined with aminoacids.

The ingredients that make up this innovative injectable medical device (skin booster), consisting of a transparent viscoelastic hydrogel, perform an innovative synergy ideal for both face and body treatments.

Non-animal Hyaluronic Acid, is obtained through an innovative manufacturing process that ensures a unique and extraordinary purity due to the non-use of chemical solvents as normally done for extracting synthesis hyaluronic acid.

The Hyaluronic Acid of Peptidyal HX® has a specific medium molecular weight obtained after computing complex stoichiometric coefficients which allows us to obtain:
a superficial action, by binding to the stratum corneum and ensuring exceptional hydration and filmogenic action with a tensor and protective effect
a deep action by stimulating proteins production responsible for compactness and elasticity in the deepest layers of the skin thus resulting in wrinkles and skin depression reduction.

Proline and glycine amino acids in combination with hyaluronic acid help the production of new collagen considering that, as the age progresses, fibroblasts require an increasing amount of amino acids.

Peptidyal HX® contains also 0,01% of calcium hydroxyapatite: the presence of this important innovative ingredient in a biostimulative product is justified by the fact that hydroxyapatite microspheres allow fibroblasts to produce new collagen and the Hyaluronic acid degradation is more gradual due to the presence of CaHa.


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