Regenerative BioCosmetics Serum Facial (1x50ml)


Regenerative BioCosmetics (RBC) Facial Serum is a treatment which regenerates the cells of your skin. This is not a miracle product, but a unique product resulting from a series of leading-edge research which integrates exclusive human-like growth factors and offers the following benefits: it prevents the signs of aging of your skin, brings firmness, diminishes blemishes, improves the appearance of scars and marks, smooths any wrinkles and gives your skin a natural glow.

This product works at its best when it is applied in the most professional way possible, which means that it has to be used correctly, constantly and during a time frame that will permit its effects to take place.

This is a treatment which has to be applied every day; weekends, special events, holidays are no excuse. You have to be constant in the use of the product since the results will only show after several applications and you might get discouraged or think that it is not important to be steadfast. Keep going, the more persevering you are the earlier you will see the results.

The time you will need to correctly apply the product is only 10 minutes daily.

You will usually see results after one to three months. During the first month, the appearance of your skin will improve. During the second month you will recover the natural glow of your skin and during the third month your wrinkles will be getting smoother.

The bottles containing the RBC Facial Serum include a pipette which holds up to 1,5 ml (0.5 oz). One bottle of 50 ml (1.76 oz) therefore contains the sufficient amount of serum to apply once a day for one month.


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