Sesderma Hidroquin Whitening Gel 40000638


To restore clarity and even skin tone. Designed to visibly improve the appearance of skin discoloration associated with age spots, acne scarring, and sun damage, this product helps to reveal a more uniform complexion. To diminishes the appearance of sun spots and age spots.

Prevents and treats of very strong skin blemishes, suitable for all skin types. Combination of active ingredients of depigmenting and synergistic action

Key ingredients:
Ferulic Acid
Much more than an antioxidant. Provides depigmenting properties and stimulates collagen synthesis. It also enhances protection against UVB and UVA radiation.

Niacinamide (nicotinamide) is an antioxidant. It adds BRIGHTNESS to the face. Helps to unify the skin tone, eliminating the yellowish tone that appears with age. Stimulates collagen and epidermal ceramide synthesis. Prevents the loss of water from the skin.

Anti-wrinkles: Reduces collagenase (enzyme that breaks down collagen) and inhibits the AP-1 complex. Increases natural production of collagen. Reverses sun damage: Restores skin levels of vitamin A reduced by UVA. Moisturizer: Increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid. Stimulates fibroblast proliferation. Spots: Modulates the hyperactivity of altered melanocytes. Improves the skin structure: Stimulates fibroblasts and fibronectin synthesis.

Plant extract from Arctostahylos uva ursi, capable of inhibiting melanin production. Regulates hyperpigmentation in three ways: • Promotes lightening of the skin while unifying its tone. • Blocks the epidermal biosynthesis of melanin. • Its alpha glycosidic bond offers greater stability and enables arbutin to act more rapidly and efficiently.

size : 50 ml

Apply 1-2 times daily with a gentle massage until completely absorbed. Daily use of a sunscreen is required. Apply once or twice a day

Do not use if pregnant

On any sign of irritation (flaking/redness) reduce frequency of use until the skin acclimates. If redness or irritation continues then stop using the product and seek advice.


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