Sesderma Sebovalis Hair Solution 40000018


Suitable for dandruff and flaking of the scalp, face and ears. Reduces redness, remove the scales and itching. Avoid cradle cap.

Contains a combination and optimum concentration of active ingredients which act effectively in the treatment of seborrhea and flaking of the scalp. Lithium gluconate 4% has a synergistic effect along with Piroctone olamine in the inhibition of proliferation of Pityrosporum ovale. Salicylic acid and lactic acid normalize the desquamation process in seborrheic skins with their exfoliation and keratolytic properties. Contains moisturizing and soothing agents (licorice extract) formulated in an excipient (hexamidine Diisethionate) specificly for seborrheic problems with antimicrobial properties. May also be used on the face and ears.

Key Ingredients:
Lithium gluconate encapsulated in liposomes, chamomile extract, licorice extract, piroctone olamine liposome encapsulated , salicylic acid encapsulated in liposomes.
Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid with keratolytic and antimicrobial properties; it is widely used in dermatology due to its ability to promote epidermal scaling through breaking of intercellular desmosomal bridges. It also acts as regulator of skin oiliness and potential anti-inflammatory.

Size : 100ml

Apply with a light massage to the scalp and other affected areas (face, scalp and ears) 1-2 times a day, until the total disappearance of dandruff, redness and scaling. It is not required to rinse. We recommend maintenance therapy with 1-2 applications per week. Applications should be performed at night and preferably washing the hair the next day. Special Uses: Hair Solution Sebovalis can be applied in other areas like face, ears and back.


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