Sesglicopeel KH 40000851


A gel texture peel with active ingredients to promote anti-aging benefits.

Glycolic acid (GA), a popular chemical substance used for superficial peels and AHA both work together to provide greater transepidermal penetration capacity. Only mild irritation is witnessed following its application.

What does Sesglicopeel KH contain?
44% Glycolic acid
10% Citric acid
5% Kojic acid
3% Lactic acid
2% Hydroquinone

What can Sesglicopeel KH be used for?

Skin variations are produced by stimulating epidermal proliferation. This destroys specific layers of the altered skin or inducing poorly known tissue inflammatory reactions. Skin changes can be seen after several treatments of this peel, including new collagen deposits and an increase of GAGs in the papillary dermis, to repair sun-damaged skin. Glycolic acid is extremely soluble in water, with a small molecular size.

What are the benefits of using Sesglicopeel KH?
Treating hyperpigmentations

What are the directions for use?

Cleanse and degrease the skin and protect sensitive areas, before applying the peel using gauze. Start with resistant areas on the face, moving slowly towards sensitive areas (forehead, cheeks, submaxillary region, chin, upper lip, and nose).

Allow the ingredients to work for 5-10 minutes or until reaching the desired point, mild redness without flaking. Then neutralize it by washing the area of application with lots of water. Neutralising lotion can be applied at the end to completely halt the peeling process, especially if the area is warm and erythemas are appearing. Neutralisation is essential.

Stinging sensations are normal and will disappear in a few minutes.


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